Minimalist House Paint Color Trends

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Minimalist House Paint Color Trends
Minimalist House Paint Color Trends

Minimalist House Paint Color Trends. Who does not know the dominant minimalist house color paint? Yup, minimalist house color paint, still the most famous architectural style today is always synonymous with white.

The 2020 minimalist house paint color trend features a striking contrast between “there” and “non-existent” colors and a mix of anything in between. This means, on the one hand, you want to return to the principle of minimalist house color paint that emphasizes simplicity, namely a straightforward, simple, honest, and minimal design, and on the various other hands, you want a home design that appearances more attractive, prominent, and of course elegant.

Minimalist house paint colors 2020: Old colors, new patterns
The following 2020 minimalist house paint color trends maintain the main principles of minimalist architecture without sacrificing your style and personality.

1. Soft neutral colors

There’s nothing wrong with white. You will be surprised to see so many white color variants on the market. If you have trouble choosing a minimalist house paint color, mix white with neutral colors to make it easier for you to choose various other minimal house paint color combinations. Some of them that you can choose from are beige, gray, beige, and so on. Simple, right?

The simple minimalist house design below uses a blend of white and gray and is emphasized by accents of lattices and black paint fences.

2. Monochromatic color scheme

While maintaining the minimalist architectural style of 2017, monochromatic color palette schemes will continue to be the trend for minimal house paint shades in 2020. This means that you’ll see more homes using various blends of the same paint color. However, the lack of contrast and accents in most minimalist home paint colors will encourage designers to choose more experimental and bold color combinations.

Related to other minimalist design elements, the monochromatic scheme takes over the visual dominance of the design to earn it more attractive and understandable. This means that monochromatic color schemes can highlight accents rather than competing for attention.

Examples of monochromatic minimalist house paint colors [Source:]
Bright colors are eye-catching and striking. This means that incorporating a variety of bold colors can create chaos in the design of your home. However, a monochromatic color scheme can solve this dilemma.

A monochromatic color scheme from a blend of tones, tones, and colors will produce a range with a broad choice of minimal home paint color mixes for each component of your home design. Take a look at the house below, which uses a monochromatic color scheme with a brown base.

3. Cool or warm color?

If you paint the walls with an excellent color (green, blue, purple, or gray), combine it with a white color variant that looks more excellent (cool white).

Similarly, if you choose a warmer minimalist house color paint (red, brown, orange, yellow, or peach shades), choose a white color variant with a bit of warmth (warm white).

The choice of color tone here will have a more pronounced effect when applied as a color paint for the interior (interior) than the house’s exterior because you will stay longer in it and feel the impact immediately. It is recommended to choose an excellent interior color paint if you build a house in a hot area, and vice versa, choose a warm interior color paint if you create a house/villa in a cold climate.

4. Like contrast?

The understanding of many individuals about minimal home design is a view that seems familiar and is considered stale. However, adding contrast can prevent this, even if it’s purely an aesthetic option. The design instance listed below uses different dark grey and orange tones versus a history of soft yellow colors to form an aesthetically striking pattern.

5. White & texture

As in previous years, the 2020 minimalist house paint color trend will also highlight texture as an accent that contrasts with the white paint color. Don’t you like too many colors? Use this creative solution to create an eye-catching design look and highlight the elegant but straightforward minimalist design principles.

6. Bright blend & texture

Although textures are always popular with neutral backgrounds, with the right combination, the 2018 minimalist house paint color trend will use textures combined with bright colors for striking and desirable results.

The design below uses a white paint color combined with bright yellow and textures resulting from architectural elements such as windows, pillars, lattices, etc.

7. A little accent

If you want to maintain the principle that white is simplicity and minimalism but want to add new elements that don’t look dominant, use accents with striking colors. In the design of this house, red is the color of choice to highlight accents.

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