Welcome to Teatro Bruto

2 minutes to read

When I just wandered through the first page of this book, what immediately crossed my mind was: AWESOME… but maybe that’s true too.

How he mingles wayang cosmology according to his interpretation with the philosophy and logic of modern science, is really ridiculous.. but yes, in the end, we also seem to be nodding our heads with this nonsense.

“We have to use Batman. Don’t Anggodo. Don’t Hanuman..” Suddenly Bagong broke the silence by the poolside of the new DPR building.
“Keep an eye on Batman movies. Only Batman can face the Joker.”

Subali receipt. He’s the only one who meditates like a bat. He hangs upside down with his head down. Windu-windu. Tomorrow Monday the panakawan will meet Resi Subali.

Perhaps the weakness in this book is that I imagine how people who are not very familiar with Javanese idioms will find it quite difficult to follow Tejo’s maneuvers, because they are very abundant in them.

Mbah Tejo’s inconsequential flight hours resulted in a series that has fun dynamics in this book. Hilarious satire, romance, household, to optimism, all of them are wrapped up in this inconsequential.

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