The Top 5 Today’s Theater Studios

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For lovers of modern theater, March 27 is an important day to celebrate because it is World Modern Theater Day. In Indonesia, modern theater may only be enjoyed by a few people because of its declining popularity, replaced by other types of entertainment via the internet.
Reporting from Kumparan, in the past, theater was still considered solemn and serious, because it was only performed in religious ritual activities.

The Top 5 Today's Theater Studios

The Top 5 Today’s Theater StudiosThe Top 5 Today’s Theater Studios

But over time, the function of the theater began to shift into an entertainment.
Until now, theater is still a means for public entertainment. But not infrequently, modern theater is also used by directors or actors as messages containing social criticism.

4 Modern Indonesian Theaters That Are Still Working

Source: Art Corner

In the midst of the proliferation of online movie streaming channels as entertainment, it turns out that there are still many modern Indonesian theaters that are still working. Anything? Check out the following reviews, come on!

Coma theater

Headquartered at the Jakarta Arts Center – Taman Ismail Marzuki and the Jakarta Arts Building, Koma theater is still working until now. In addition to staging works by domestic playwrights, Teater Koma also performs world-class works, such as Shakespeare, Georg Buchner, and Moliere.

Teater Koma remains convinced that theater can be a bridge to an inner balance and a path for the creation of human happiness. Honestly, reflecting through theatre, is also believed to be a way to rediscover the role of common sense and conscience.

Rendra Theater Workshop

The next modern Indonesian theater is the Rendra Theater Workshop. The Rendra Theater Workshop was founded by Willibrordus Surendra Brata or as we know him as Rendra in 1967. This group has been active in working since from Yogyakarta, moving to Jakarta and then to Depok in the 1970s. You could say this modern theater has a strong influence on the development of the theater world in Indonesia. WS Rendra’s works always contain a deep understanding of the arbitrariness of new orders.

Popular Theater

The theater which was founded in 1968 by Teguh Karya is also still working today. At its inception, the Popular Theater was called Teater Popular Hotel Indonesia and consisted of 12 members from students of the Indonesian National Theater Academy (ATNI) and independent theatre.

Small Theater

This theatrical group attracts the theatre’s interest through the power of the script on the themes of the underprivileged, suffering, hope, and integrity. Founded by Arifin C. Noer, Small Theater became one of the carriages in the renewal of Indonesian theater. Small Theater is considered close to the public because Arifin C. Noer incorporates cultural elements such as lenong, stambul, puppets (marionet), wayang kulit and golek, and coastal melodies.

Makassar Red and White Studio

The Makassar Red and White Studio or SMPM was established on May 20, 1987 in Makassar. This community acts as a medium for transforming social and cultural values in the flow of societal change.
With the motto ‘Red and White every day’, many works, directors, and theater artists are born from the works of the artists they perform.

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